Update your headshot. Let go of your trusted favourite & embrace the now.

July 1, 2015

Brand new? Six months old? One, two, even three years old?

Do you resemble that photo anymore?

Recently I wrote about the importance of having a great headshot. Today I want to talk about the importance of updating your headshot.

For my last blog I purposely chose to use a photo that is almost one year old. I quite like this image and do receive positive feedback on it often. There’s no doubt that the photo is of me, but it’s me from a year ago. The obvious changes are my hair colour and style but there’s a lot more to a photo than the basic detail. External changes are just part of the equation. My direction and goals are more refined. I have new things to say and portray.

You may think to yourself “I have a photo I like”, but is it the right photo? Marketing gurus will tell you that you must be consistent with your message. Having an up-to-date profile photograph that shows the true YOU! at this time goes hand in hand with that consistency. Remember, you are your brand and people want to connect with you.

With each year we grow, we change, we learn new things and all of this reflected in the way we carry ourselves. A new headshot is the opportunity to celebrate where you’ve been, where you’re going and most importantly who you are today.

  • A new haircut.
  • A new job
  • A new outlook
  • A change of season
  • A change of goals

For all these reasons and more, updating your headshot is worth the investment.

My advice to you all is to schedule an annual ‘checkup’. Make it an experience to look forward to. Work with your photographer to build ideas and concepts for the session – it could be in the studio, on location, anywhere!

It’s time to let go of your old trusted favourite. You’ll always think fondly of the time you spent together but it’s time to move on. Time to embrace the NOW. Embrace fabulous, present day you.

Andrea is a professional photographer based in Brunswick East. Renowned for bringing out the best in even the most camera shy business owner she’ll change your views on having your photo taken. And yes, she is embracing the NOW!